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Welcome to Restaurant MOS, a Casual Gourmet Restaurant in the heart of Helsingør, North Zealand. We blend the best of Fine Dining with a cozy atmosphere and focus on the guest.
We are passionate about delivering exceptional dining Experiences, and our menu is a Testament to this. With special attention to local ingredients and exquisite cooking techniques, we manage to highlight the unique flavor profile of each ingredient. From the first bite to the last mouthful, we take you on a journey through the senses, where our dishes are designed to astonish and delight.
Restaurant MOS welcomes you to a culinary experience where we celebrate the use of seasonal ingredients and reflect the flavors of each season.

Why MOS? And how is it pronounced?

MOS is short for "Mad Og Sjæl", which translates to "Food And Soul". The food makes sense. It is the primary reason why guests choose to visit us. 
However, most importantly, both the kitchen and the menu are dynamic. Every day is a new opportunity to cook with passion as nothing is set in stone. We can change small or big things from day to day. Therefore, there is soul behind every bite you take. The same goes for our decor and staff. We encourage being oneself, and it should be cozy to be a part of our little family. So you not only get a bite of food, but also a small piece of each of us.

Now think of the simple yet fantastic plant in the green nature - MOS.
We get close to nature as well as the ingredients and stay grounded with a focus on sustainability and local produce.
That's why Restaurant MOS makes sense to us.
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The Passion behind Restaurant MOS
We do it because we have a dream of creating exceptional dining experiences.
With Thought for Our Fellow Beings
Restaurant MOS has a dream of creating a wonderful, comfortable, and calm workplace in an otherwise sometimes chaotic industry. 

Our restaurant in Helsingør is not just a place to eat; it's a sanctuary where our guests can enjoy quality time with their loved ones. We strive to create an atmosphere that invites conversation and immersion in the taste experience. 
Local Ingredients prepared with care
With special Attention to local Ingredients and exquisite Cooking Techniques, we aim to highlight the unique Flavor Profile of each Ingredient.

We strive to find the perfect Suppliers with the right Goods.

Our Vision is Danish, organic, and local, which we are gradually working towards delivering more and more of. 

We have also made a Choice regarding Wine, as Our Wine List exclusively features European Wines.
A unique Gourmet Experience in Helsingør
There is a lot of Thought behind what We present to Our Guests. We do it because We dream to create exceptional Dining Experiences," says Head Chef and Owner, Anders Dolleris. This Dream of extraordinary Dining Experiences is at the Core of everything we do at Restaurant MOS.

We love sharing Stories. Stories about utilizing Ingredients, minimizing Food Waste, Supplier Tales, Our own Experiences, and much more. Our Staff is here to ensure that Your Time with Us is unforgettable. We look forward to welcoming You.
Get to know Us
Maria Wardinghus Glerup
Maria is the soul of Restaurant MOS. She holds a degree in Leisure Management and values the good experience above all else. Maria is the outward face of Restaurant MOS. She invites to delightful hosting and looks forward to giving each guest an unforgettable visit.
Anders Dolleris
Anders is a trained gastronomist specializing in cooking. He appreciates the simplicity of each ingredient, and it is reflected in his cooking. He has been a sous chef and head chef at several places in Copenhagen before moving to Helsingør. Restaurant MOS is Anders' playground, where he offers surprising tastes and combinations.
Our Values
We believe in the strength of community, and that all employees have a voice. Listening and guidance occur across management and staff, where valuable advice can flow both ways. 

We have also been involved in starting the "Food Culture Network" in Helsingør; a collaboration between restaurants that helps, supports, and utilizes each other. 

So community is a cornerstone and the soul of Restaurant MOS.
Whether we're talking about service, decor, ingredients, presentations, wine, cocktails, or restroom facilities. 

We do not compromise on quality and constantly strive to improve ourselves, so we can provide you with the best experience every time you visit us.

Every detail has been considered, and we sincerely hope that the quality can be felt and tasted throughout your experience with us.
It may go without saying, as MOS is short for "Mad Og Sjæl" (Food And Soul). A huge part of being at Restaurant MOS, whether as an employee or a guest, is precisely the soul. It should be felt wherever you look. 

We are a diverse little family, where each individual contributes with their own quirks.

The creative freedom in the kitchen and the passion behind it all help to create the Soul that we so deeply wish for you to experience.
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Restaurant MOS

Opening Hours

Lunch: Wednesday - Saturday 
11 am - 4 pm
Dinner: Friday - Saturday 
5.30 pm - close

CVR: 40358013
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